My name is Michelle Martinez and I am in my 24th year of teaching. I have taught in 3 different schools and was also a substitute for multiple other districts. I am currently a kindergarten teacher but I have taught every grade from preschool to 5th (except second) and I actually started my career as a Chapter 1 (now called Title 1) Math teacher serving first through sixth graders.

Teaching is Hard

Here’s what I know for sure: teaching is hard. It is also the most rewarding, fulfilling, amazing thing we can ever choose to do (at least in my humble opinion).

If you want to refine your teaching practice, grow as an educator and have someone to lean on for help, this is the place for you. I hope it serves you and I am thrilled to be your mentor and guide!


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VIP Student Area

Do you ever feel like your students, that do everything they are supposed to day and in and day out, never quite get the recognition that they deserve? Do you wish you had a new approach to motivating those that struggle? Well, then a VIP student program may be just...

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Comparison is The Thief of All Joy

All during the month of March on my social media channels, the focus was on #makeitpersonal, a campaign I decided to start after an experience I had with my daughter and her school. The focus was on seeing that every child feels safe, comfortable, accepted and welcome...

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Morning Meeting

Morning meeting is one of my nonnegotiable times of the day. It is also one of my favorite times of the day! I don’t know of any other block of time in our schedule that accomplishes so much: All 6 of the language arts (reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing,...

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Make It Personal

My favorite movie of all time is “You’ve Got Mail.” One of the best scenes in the movie is when Meg Ryan’s character is sick and at home just after her store has closed, aka put out of business, by Tom Hanks’ character. He tries to cheer her up and says, “It wasn’t...

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Side Hustle for Teachers

Many teachers, for various reasons, end up with a “side hustle,” or second job. I have had one for pretty much my entire teaching career. For me, the main reason has always been financial, whether it was when I was single and just starting out or even now...

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6 Best Productivity Tips For Teachers

When it comes to productivity, I was not always the greatest at managing my time well. I’d often find myself at school at 6:30 PM and feel like I had nothing to show for the three hours that had passed since school was over.  I knew I need to make a change, so I...

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Relationship Building 101

Organization & Behavior By now, most teachers have been in school for a while.  I did a Facebook live recently about problems/issues that tend to crop up at this time of the year.  You can watch that here. The two main issues that seem to be the most pressing for...

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Nailing Your Teacher Interview

It all starts with this—nailing your teacher interview. Get this right, and you are on your way to a new career. Bomb it, and well, it’s hello retail--at least that is what happened to me after I graduated from college. I ended up working at Lerner and The Limited...

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An Introduction

So let’s start of with an introduction. My name is Michelle Martinez and I am married to love of my life, a truly amazing and talented chef, Manny. We are a blended family of one daughter (mine) and two sons (his). Our kids are 13, 13, and 11(almost 12). Having kids...

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The kind of teacher you will become is directly related to the kind of teachers you associate with. Teaching is a profession where misery does more than just love company – it recruits, seduces and romances it. Avoid people who are unhappy and disgruntled about the possibilities for transforming education. They are the enemy of the spirit of the teacher.

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