Your Teaching Mentor, Michelle Martinez

My name is Michelle Martinez and I am in my 24th year of teaching. I have taught in 3 different schools and was also a substitute for multiple other districts. I am currently a kindergarten teacher but I have taught every grade from preschool to 5th (except second) and I actually started my career as a Chapter 1 (now called Title 1) Math teacher serving first through sixth graders.

Teaching is Hard

Here’s what I know for sure: teaching is hard. It is also the most rewarding, fulfilling, amazing thing we can ever choose to do (at least in my humble opinion).

If you want to refine your teaching practice, grow as an educator and have someone to lean on for help, this is the place for you. I hope it serves you and I am thrilled to be your mentor and guide!

Organization For New Teachers

Welcome to Week 3 of the Summer Workshop for New Teachers! This week we are talking about organization for new teachers - it is a necessary topic for all teachers! This could be the never-ending blog post if I tried to share all the organization resources, hacks, and...

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Classroom Theme – How To Choose

Choosing a classroom theme is one of the most important early decisions a teacher will make.  Classroom themes vary widely from simple decoration to themes that become incorporated into every aspect of the classroom.  Every teacher is different, and that is okay! A...

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Nailing Your Teacher Interview

Cue the confetti! Start the disco lights! Welcome to the Summer Planning Workshop! I am so very excited to begin and help you prepare for the 2020-2021 school year.  I know that everything seems confusing and overwhelming right now.  I firmly believe that if we take...

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The kind of teacher you will become is directly related to the kind of teachers you associate with. Teaching is a profession where misery does more than just love company – it recruits, seduces and romances it. Avoid people who are unhappy and disgruntled about the possibilities for transforming education. They are the enemy of the spirit of the teacher.