About Michelle

Thanks for taking a little time to get to know me and what I hope to accomplish with this website.

My name is Michelle Martinez and I have over 25 years of classroom experience. I have taught in 3 different schools and was also a substitute for multiple other districts. I am currently an adjunct literacy professor at Illinois State University but I have taught every grade from preschool to 5th (except second) and I actually started my career as a Chapter 1 (now called Title 1) Math teacher serving first through sixth graders (so I guess I have had a smattering of second grade 😊).

I am married to the love of my life, and we are blessed with three fantastic kids – Diego, Ellie, and Gabe. We rescued our gorgeous German Shepherd, Brinkley, a few summers ago to make our family complete.

Here’s what I know for sure: teaching is hard. It is also the most rewarding, fulfilling, amazing thing we can ever choose to do (at least in my humble opinion.)

On this website, I will share tips, ideas and stories to help cut through the overwhelm, triumph over the things that make it so darn hard, and help ease the frustration and loneliness many novice and even experienced teachers feel in the classroom.

If you want to refine your teaching practice, grow as an educator and have someone to lean on for help, this is the place for you. I hope it serves you and I am thrilled to be your mentor and guide!

Thanks for stopping by!