Attention Hardworking Teachers!


Does this describe you?

  • You love teaching but feeling just on the edge of burnout?
  • Are you looking for simple, easy classroom ideas and decor for big impact?
  • Can a cute teacher tee, funny teacher stickers and trendy accessories just make your day?
  • Do you love getting fun packages in the mail just for you?

If so, then the Teacher Success Club Subscription Box is perfect for you!


Teaching Can Be Hard…but it just got a little easier.

Stress levels are high, the workload never seems to end and the appreciation never seems to start. Great teachers are giving serious consideration to leaving the profession. It’s times like this that we as teachers need to think of ourselves. After all, as the old saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

That’s where the Teacher Success Club Subscription box comes in! It’s a perfectly curated balance of fun teacher items like cute teacher tees, accessories, etc. and items to help you make an instant impact in your classroom, like fun teaching ideas, classroom decor, and tips to ease the heavy workload we are all facing now.

Now open!

You’ll get immediate access to Starting Strong–A Course for New Teachers as a bonus for signing up. And if you are not a new teacher, I would still check it out because some advice is timeless. 😊 
Then, starting in early September, every other month, you’ll receive this special box delivered straight to you. I have had a passion for helping teachers for years, but I recently saw a more immediate need to bring some JOY back into teaching, and the idea for the subscription box was born.

We all need a helping hand or a little pick me up from time to time, so that is why I have specially picked the items that are included in each box.

Quantities are limited…

Quantities are limited for this first founding member box, but there are also some great benefits to being a founding member like:

The founding member rate.
I was so excited to get this out to teachers that I priced it as low as possible. I don’t think it is likely to remain at this price for long. But, as a founding member, as long as you remain in good standing, you will always get that founding member rate, no matter what the price of the box increases to!

As a founding member, you also have the ability to help craft what the future boxes will look like.
Is there a particular resource you need? Suggest it! A cute saying that you heard that would make a perfect teacher T-shirt? Let me hear it! The hottest trend in educational materials? Share away! I want this box to fit the needs of teachers everywhere and feedback from you will help that happen.

Also, as a founding member, you will get first notice of any updates or new products that will be offered, and likely a nice discount too!

Finally, you will have the tools and resources to make your job more JOYFUL.
I can’t stress enough how much I see that lacking for so many people. Teaching is a magical, wonderful, rewarding profession but right now it is also one of the hardest. Anything I can do to help teachers is my passion and drive. Good teachers must be nurtured, mentored and appreciated to thrive and I know this subscription box can do just that!

Just $39 per box!

The Teacher Success Club subscription box is available now, but only in limited quantities.

I hope you will join us today to put a little JOY back in your teaching!

Teacher Success Club
Teacher Success Club
Price: $39.00
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Grade Level :
Year You Started Teaching & Your Birthday:

Billing dates:

  1. First payment: Immediately
  2. Remaining payments: October, December, February, April and June